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Marijuana Supplies and Packaging Guide

As more and more states continue to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, more innovations in medical marijuana packaging are coming to market. Pharmacies, extractors and growers of these products now have a variety of packaging options to stand out from the competition and appeal to consumers.


Cannabis Product Packaging Best Practices


If you are looking to develop high-quality recreational or medical child proof packaging, here are some best practices to keep in mind. These include:


Brand differentiation


One of the most important aspects of cannabis packaging is value-added packaging that sets your brand apart from others. I want people to be able to instantly recognize your product and create your own look without confusing them with others. This can include everything from recognizable logos and color schemes to unusual packaging shapes.


Customer training


Another consideration for marijuana packaging is customer education. Customers need to know exactly what they can get with your product. Educational packaging may contain state mandatory information about its contents, along with other details that differentiate the company and product.


Communication quality


Quality is another factor you want to build your consumer base on. The highest quality packaging, including safe and user-friendly odor-resistant containers, will help build the company’s reputation for producing the best products on the market for marijuana supplies. Attractive designs and printed labels will further solidify your brand as a source of quality.

Product protection


Many cannabis products are fragile by nature, so it is important that cannabis packaging is designed to be sturdy and protected to maintain product quality and integrity. Whether in vials or edible products, it is important that packaging act as a protective barrier to ensure that consumers receive a quality product.


Best cannabis packaging design for a variety of products


Cannabis products come in all forms, including smoked marijuana strains, edibles, e-pencils, and CBD oil. The best packaging for each product depends on its final retail destination.


Cannabis Vape Pen Packaging


Vape pens are commonly used to smoke marijuana as an alternative to traditional smoking methods, similar to those used as tobacco substitutes. Folding boxes are often used for packaging cannabis vape pens, providing a robust solution for storing one or more vape pens.


Cannabis Cartridge Packaging


Cannabis cartridges are used to hold cannabis oil and are great for smoking on the go. A folding box is also used to store this along with the vape pen.


Cannabis Preroll Packaging


Pre-rolled cannabis joints are a convenient way to smoke marijuana products with an affordable, single-use solution. Child-resistant cardboard packaging is commonly used for pre-rolled cannabis.


Cannabis oil packaging


Cannabis oil is an extract of the cannabis sativa plant used in cannabis cartridges and usually comes in two versions: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). The difference between the two is that THC is the active chemical in marijuana that causes addiction, whereas CBD omits the THC component and is often used for medical purposes. Cannabis oil is usually stored in glass droppers and packaged in collapsible boxes for retail use.

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