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Child Proof Packaging: Buyers Guide


Child-resistant or bags are also called child-proof bags, and what comes to mind from the word “child proof packaging” is that they are not easily opened by children.


Depending on the contents, it is sometimes good to keep them from being easily touched by children.


Proof packaging bags are divided into two categories according to regulations. There are two types: recolorable bags and non-recolorable bags.


These two can serve a variety of purposes, depending on what you need to store marijuana supplies. Both are tested and standardized by the European Commission for Standardization (CEN) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).


If the bag you use meets these standards, you can be confident that you have purchased the right bag.


Common categories of child restraint bags


Here are some of the common categories you can look for when buying a child restraint bag. It’s definitely easy to pick one child proof packaging today. Let’s take a look at what you can get today.


Thumb Pocket Zipper Seal Pouch


This children’s pouch is one of the best on the market. It’s about providing the best performances that make you buy a similar bag.


Disposable pouch


This child proof packaging pouch is useful when you need to keep single-use products out of the reach of children. The pouch has a design that is sealed on three sides and has an opening on one side.


Pharmacy Zipper Bag


Child restraint bag manufacturers are also likely to collect these types of bags. This is another great option that requires two hands to open the package.


Child Guard Push Pin Zipper Bag


Another type of child proof packaging bag is this. It is commonly used as a detergent pod and still works well for many other applications.


Pinch N Slide ASTM child proof packaging Bag


This is another top performing child restraint bag on the market. This is because it complies with ASTM and CPSC regulations for the child proof packaging exit bags. You will find that it is primarily used for the clinic needs you may have.


Advantages of child restraint bags


  • Keep things out of the reach of children
  • Many child proof packaging bags are versatile.
  • Hide content
  • Meets required standards
  • Impressive configuration and usability
  • Some look great even though they are child proof packaging.

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