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Does CBD Work for Dogs with Pain and Inflammation?

If you’ve spent time reading our blog, you’re probably aware of the clinical trials and studies on managing canine pain with CBD.CBD shows properties related to pain reduction in the mammalian endocannabinoid system (ECS), but further research is needed to fully understand.

Below are some highlights of available trials, studies, and citations demonstrating CBD’s potential as a pain reliever.

According to a Cornell study, researchers were able to increase a dog’s comfort level from arthritis pain using 2 mg/kg of cbd dog treats for pain oil twice daily. The results showed a significant reduction in pain and increased activity at weeks 2 and 4 of treatment compared to the week 0 and placebo groups.

Another study found that dogs with osteoarthritis experienced a significant reduction in pain when treated with CBD.

CBD appears to reduce the response to low-level pain stimuli, such as mild arthritis.

Fortunately, the sparse trials and studies of CBD do not limit your ability to make good decisions when giving CBD to your dog. ECS in humans and dogs work the same way. The similarities open a window to what could happen in canine ECS through human studies.

Dr. Gary Richter said that although there are some differences in the effects of cannabis on humans and pets, the benefits of CBD are similar for both species.

In human trials, CBD treatment has been shown to significantly reduce pain. Chris Meletis, a naturopathic physician (ND), discussed a study in which seven kidney transplant patients suffering from pain were given initial doses of CBD up to 100mg/day. Two had complete pain relief, four had partial relief during the first 15 days, and one had no improvement.


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