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Discus Different types of Grinders

As said before, there are a huge number of different Grinders in all sizes, shapes, colors and materials, and with or without (multiple) filters. We will discuss them per material and the pros and cons of them so that you can decide for yourself which grinder suits you.

Plastic grinders

We start with the simplest and often cheapest grinders. The advantage of these grinders is therefore clearly the purchase price. However, there are also disadvantages to these grinders, the biggest of which is that they are made of plastic and are difficult to clean. They are often less robust than the other alternative grinders. Another big advantage, on the other hand, is that they are very lightweight and often a bit more compact. Unfortunately, most plastic grinders do not have a THC filter(s) or usually do not consist of multiple “layers”. However, this benefits the ease of use. Plastic grinders can last for months to years. In short, if you want an easy and especially affordable Pink weed grinder grinder, then you go for a plastic/acryl grinder from

Wooden Grinders

We come to the following, wooden grinders are often less known but are certainly a good alternative to plastic grinders for the following reasons: they often look nicer and better worked, it has a ‘more classic look’ and usually have they do have a THC filter. A THC filter or ” sieve ” catches the THC from your Cannabis and it falls through the gauze (s) so that you can store the THC powder and later referred to as ‘kief’ or also ‘(star) dust’ to smoke. However, wooden grinders are a bit more difficult to clean, just like plastic grinders. You do have the advantage that they are made entirely of natural products and usually do not contain any chemicals. They are often also slightly more expensive to purchase. Wooden grinders usually have pins instead of teeth. Wooden grinders can often be used a little longer than plastic grinders before they need to be replaced or cleaned. It is therefore entirely up to the user whether he chooses a wooden grinder.

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