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How much THC is in Full Spectrum CBD?

One of the most common questions among new CBD users is – “how much THC is in CBD oil and will it affect me?”

The ratio of CBD vs. THC can have a major impact on a product’s effects as both of these cannabinoids each have their own set of properties. Consumers tend to give added attention to THC content given that it is a psychoactive compound.

Finding items with the proper THC levels can be challenging given the many factors involved: What benefits are you seeking, what is your individual biological composition and how does your body respond to cannabinoids, What is your personal threshold for psychoactive effects, etc… While medical marijuana, a high THC and low CBD content category of products, has its potential benefits, it is a less targeted and psychoactive impairing alternative to hemp-derived CBD products. Because of this, a lot of users prefer going with CBD isolates and broad spectrum products as a way of avoiding THC altogether.

The problem with these THC free products is that they aren’t as efficient as products that contain SOME THC. While high levels of THC can be problematic for certain users, featuring What is Cold Pressed CBD? and THC in the right ratios and quantities can drastically improve how a product works through something called the Entourage Effect. Think of your body like a plant and THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids as a plant’s necessities: in order to be the strongest, tallest plant you need sunlight, water, and nutrients. You can probably grow something with only two of the three components, but it’ll be a weak and deprived plant that struggles to survive. The same is true with CBD products, in order to really benefit from them, you need to make sure they subject you to as much of the hemp plant as possible. CBD isolates only contain one component of the hemp plant and therefore you’d be lucky to realize any noticeable benefits from those products. Broad spectrum oils are better than isolates as they contain other components of the hemp flower that work in tandem so you can realize more benefits of the oil, but they are missing other crucial components which end up subtracting from a product’s effectiveness. Full spectrum oils are the best of the bunch because they contain every component of the hemp flower, including THC, but in levels that prevent individuals from feeling psychoactive effects. That way, end users can realize all the benefits the hemp plant has to offer without having to worry about getting stoned to realize them.

THC content is regulated by law – In the US, for example, you cannot have hemp derived products with more than a 0.3% THC by weight composition. If a product exceeds this threshold, it will be categorized as a recreational marijuana plant item. When using Sivan CBD’s full-spectrum oils, you should never worry about these issues as we perform strict quality control and third party lab testing on all of our products.

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