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Cannabis Flower Buyers’ Guide for First Time Users

When shopping for CBD-rich hemp flower for the first time, the choices available can feel a bit overwhelming.

The hemp flowers for sale We want to make your first cannabis flower experience as easy as possible, so we’ve put together a cannabis flower quick sale so you can navigate the market with more confidence. The following is covered in this article:

  • How to choose a CBD flower seller
  • How to choose flower varieties
  • How to get CBD to flower
  • what to expect
  • easy shopping

Hemp Flower Buyer’s Guide

In order to buy quality CBD hemp flower, you first need to know how to find a reputable supplier. Only after finding a reliable source should you start selecting varieties and deciding whether to buy a flower bag or a pre-roll bag.

Choose the right CBD flower company

There are several ways you can check the quality of a CBD flower supplier or CBD product supplier.

Third-Party Lab Tests

Do you provide third-party lab reports that validate the contents of CBD flowers? Third party testing of all CBD products is absolutely necessary to ensure you are getting what they advertised.

CBD flower sauce

Where do they source their CBD flowers from? Look for organically grown flowers in clean farmland. Otherwise, you risk contaminating hemp flowers with harmful toxins and heavy metals from the soil.

Positive customer reviews

Do they have great and reliable customer reviews? CBD has been around long enough for any reputable company in the market to research it with relative ease.

No bold health claims

Do they make bold health claims? At this point, it’s illegal to make medical claims about CBD, so no company should claim that CBD prevents, cures, or cures serious diseases.

How to choose the right CBD strains

You now have a reliable supplier. Now it’s time to choose the perfect strain (or Chemova). Up to 25 cannabis flower strains at a time only on our website, available in different formats (CBD sprouts and pre-rolls). So where do you start?

Before you choose flowers, it’s important to think about all the reasons why you want them and when they are most likely to bloom. Whether you choose CBD-rich hemp flowers for personal health reasons, improved mood or focus, or simply for the user experience, you will be faced with a choice about CBD effects, taste, and potency.

You should give each of these factors a different weight depending on the reason you want it.


Every strain you see advertises its CBD content, which is usually expressed as a percentage. As mentioned, a good seller of cannabis flower will easily provide a third-party lab report that can confirm advertised potency and the presence of other cannabinoids.

A stronger one isn’t necessarily better, and if you’re a first-time smoker it’s a good idea to start off with a lighter one while you calculate your ideal dosage.


The taste of the strain is as important as you want it to be. But what about picking the tastiest variety when you have so many options at hand?

The variety of flavors and aromas encountered when flowering CBD flower is determined by Chemova’s terpene profile (which also contributes to the overall potency of the strain).

Companies often provide lengthy descriptions of variations similar to those found on wine bottles. Not everyone has a palette that’s delicate or sensitive enough to discern subtleties like “cherry blossom” or “pineapple notes,” but if you smoke a few different strains, you’ll definitely notice the difference, and maybe your favorites.

The best way to experience different flavors is to find bundles or variety packs that offer a variety of flavors at discounted prices.

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